Product Innovation

Innovate your products and services using key insights.

Discover what your customers really want

Launch products and services your customers want to buy.

Understanding your customer’s loyalty and key satisfaction drivers with your products and services will help you take the guesswork out of decision making. You can test and refine ideas that help you prioritise and offer the right solutions for your market.

Brand tracking

Measure the awareness and usage of your brand. Find out if people know of your brand and if existing customers will come back. With more interactions now happening online, you need a platform that can engage with your customer across all channels of your business.

Customer communities

Use SurveyManager®’s panel management features to maintain a community of customers who you can reach out to regularly for programmed research and quickly if an ad hoc need arises.

This saves time and money and can provide your product management and innovation team with customer feedback that is critical for your product development life cycle.

Campaign management

Use our panel management features to track individuals and companies before, during and after a campaign. Contact them by email and/or SMS or interact with them on social media.

Product/service feasibility studies

Conduct a survey to determine if your new idea has a market and what its price points are. It is much faster and efficient to do this online.

Concept testing, competitor research, brand testing and pricing models can all be modelling based on real-time feedback.

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