HR Employee Survey

Collect valuable insights into your company's workplace culture.

Employee opinion surveys

Find out exactly what your employees think of their workplace.

A HR employee survey will give you insights into the thoughts and opinions of your employees. This data can help make improvement to your organisation and increase staff satisfaction and retention.

Get a head start with our range of employee engagement survey templates. You can alter these to suit your needs and obtain our professional advice as well.

Employee opinion, organisational climate, employee engagement, and attitude surveys

Employee opinion surveys provide a picture of your organisation’s needs. These surveys are used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues.

Determine your company’s success in communicating its mission to employees or local issues such as the quality of the working environment.

Performance management and performance appraisal

Performance Management systems help to keep your organisation on goal and to identify employees for rewards, bonuses, probation, and documenting accomplishments. A HR employee survey can be a quick and effective way to gain feedback on employee performance and simplify the appraisal process.

Training needs analysis

Identifying employee training needs through the use of a training needs assessment survey questionnaire. Employees complete a self-assessment. Results are analysed by department/division/location.

360° feedback

These surveys incorporate multiple perspectives by using feedback from a variety of sources. These sources include peers, subordinates, customers, self, supervisor, and others.

Upward feedback survey

Upward Feedback® was the invention of Peter R. Farey at the Air Transport Staff College in the UK in 1974. The concept of “upward feedback” relies on subordinates’ assessment and perspectives of their managers as a major part of evaluating managerial effectiveness.

Upward feedback — a variation of the more widely-known 360-degree feedback method — is based on the common-sense principle that managers can only be as good as their employees say they are.

HR Employee Surveys

How is your HR Department doing? What improvements could you make? Are you communicating effectively with employees?

How do your employees feel about the processes and procedures they have to go through to comply with regulations? You can find out with a HR employee survey.

Employee benefits and remuneration

Do employees feel that they are adequately compensated? Does the benefits package match the needs of the staff? Are there perks and benefits they would like to see? Do employees feel that their efforts are being recognised and appreciated? HR satisfaction surveys can be used to collect this data from employees across various departments.

Salary & benefits survey

Use an online survey for Recruitment and HR Managers to obtain information during the recruitment process. The panel management of SurveyManager® allows you to build a profile of a candidate and track them through the recruitment process, saving time, effort and money for both parties.

Recruitment surveys

Use an online survey for Recruitment and HR Managers to obtain information during the recruitment process. The panel management of SurveyManager® allows you to build a profile of a candidate and track them through the recruitment process, so saving time, effort and money for both parties.

On-boarding surveys

These are staff opinion surveys which ask a new employee how well they have settled into your organisation and seek feedback on your induction and other procedures for new staff. These are generally short surveys which can be delivered by our SMS message capability and Smartphone interface.

Exit interviews

Are there any insights from departing workers that might help improve the onboarding experience and overall employee satisfaction for future efforts? These are generally short surveys which can be delivered by our SMS message capability and Smartphone interface.

Multilingual employee surveys

With SurveyManager®, employees can choose the language they are most comfortable to answer in. This works well for multinational companies operating over multiple countries and time zones. Or you can now also use SurveyManager® text to speech option to hear questionnaires in more than twelve different languages.

HR satisfaction surveys allow you to gain insight into the happiness of your employees, as well as look for opportunities to increase productivity or make operational changes and improvements.

SurveyManager® provides highly customisable employee engagement survey software, so you can design custom surveys to suit your needs, with easy to interpret data analytics and reporting.

Engage with your team

Staff opinion surveys are a great way to engage with your employees and give them the opportunity to provide feedback.

You can customise surveys for various departments to gain feedback into more specific areas of the business or use general survey templates to distribute to the entire company. HR engagement surveys may help you determine how effectively you’re communicating with your employees and how they feel about certain operational processes and procedures.

Surveys can be utilised for yearly reviews. Some people may not always feel comfortable approaching employers regarding a pay rise or perks and benefits they would like implemented. A HR satisfaction survey will give your employees the opportunity to speak up.

HR employee survey tools may also be used for self assessments. Your employees might have feedback on areas they would like to improve on or any factors that may be impacting on how efficiently they can fulfil their role.

Gain insight into employee satisfaction with employee engagement surveys to ensure your team is happy and working as efficiently as possible.

Identify areas of improvement

Whether it’s training opportunities, or changes to operational systems and work culture, a HR employee survey can be invaluable for identifying areas of improvement within your business.

Use them during exit interviews to gain feedback from outgoing employees. This gives people the opportunity to share feedback they may not feel comfortable saying directly to their employer.

If you’re looking to make changes, a survey is a great way to get an overview of your team’s attitude. This can help you identify any concerns they may have that need to be addressed.

HR employee engagement surveys are a great tool for businesses to ensure the continued growth of your business

HR employee survey

Whether you’re looking to identify training needs, gather general opinion of upcoming changes or obtain information during the recruitment process, human resources survey tools can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Gaining employee opinion through an employee engagement survey can help you make decisions moving forward to the benefit of your organisation.

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