Digital Marketing

Receive real-time insights into your client's digital marketing campaigns.

Monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

SurveyManager® can provide real-time insights into the effectiveness of your past and current campaigns.

Gain continuous feedback from your customers through Surveys, both internal and external to your organisation. You can now change your digital marketing campaigns based on real insights that provide ROI to your organisation and help you make better business decisions.

Build social media strategies and campaigns

With the increasing importance of social media in many companies’ marketing mix, online surveys are a great way to determine out which social media channels you need to pay attention to.

Likes and retweets only tell you so much. Our mobile survey helps you understand the “why” and give you more data on how to serve your market.

Use an online or mobile survey in combination with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to find out how people want you to communicate with them in future.

Customer communities

Use SurveyManager®’s panel management features to maintain a community of customers who you can reach out to regularly for programmed research and quickly if an ad hoc need arises.

This saves time and money and can provide your marketing team with valuable customer feedback to verify marketing concepts and campaigns.

Capture updates in your customer database

SurveyManager® can be integrated into your customer database or CRM via our industry-standard interface.

Whether you are using Salesforce, Oracle, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, we can capture and update important customer information directly back into your customer application that will enrich the customer journey and allow deeper analytics.

Mystery shopping

Use our Smartphone surveys for mobile and immediate feedback.

Audience participation

Use our Smartphone surveys for mobile and immediate feedback for events and WebEx style marketing events that you are running.

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